Hi, my name is Jordan and I like taking pictures. I was born and raised on the coast of California, so I've been attracted to landscapes and sunsets my entire life. Accordingly, my favorite photographs to take are landscapes, events and portraits, but I always have a camera on me and will capture anything that catches my eye. The goal in all of my pictures is to tell a story to the observer, and I hope that you can see something in each of them!

I currently work as an official photographer for Harvard, on a production team with CS50 (yep, there's a class with its own production team) and by doing freelance work as Jordan Hayashi Photography. Let me know if you need a photographer for anything (or if you just want to chat)!

In the rain

I am currently a student at Harvard, and am "concentrating" (Harvard's lingo for majoring) in Computer Science with a "secondary" (minor) in Music. I fill my free time with photography, videography, music (DJing, listening and playing) and personal projects (like coding this website). You can often find me blending in with the Harvard tourists, taking pictures of anything and everything on campus. Make sure to flag me down if you see me!

CS50 Photobooth